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Unboring SEO Page Rewrite Hand Cream

Unboring SEO Page Rewrite Hand Cream

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Apply to each page of your website and watch your keyword rankings and revenue from organic search traffic grow! Each unit you purchase is for one page. Part of what you buy is our guidance on which page to choose based on search volume and the view to checkout rate of product pages on your store.

We recommend starting with a single page and then seeing just how powerful this is as you track how rankings change for this page.

This service is suitable for existing sites that are already getting sales, not for new websites. Here's what you'll get for each page optimisation purchased:

Current Keywords: 

  • Review and catalogue current ranking keywords across the site. Create Google Sheet and sort by URL
  • Note existing keywords the page is already ranking for including position and search volume
  • We'll identify exactly how much extra revenue doing this could allow you to drive (this usually ranges between $20k-$100k, so your return on investment on this service may be 10x-20x+)

Keyword research and selection:

  • Identify potential keywords for collection using Ahrefs and add to second sheet. Cross-check against existing ranking keywords - eliminate
  • Identify 6-8 primary and 4-6 secondary keywords (approx)
  • Add target keywords to keyword mapping sheet for your site


  • Write product page or collection page title and description
  • Rewrite the content on the page in your brand tone of voice while ensuring core and natural language processing (NLP) keywords are included
  • Reach a content score for your page that is higher than your competitors
  • Write the Search Engine Listing - (meta title, meta description and URL)
  • Review collection image and products (if a collection page)

Internal links:

  • Identify up to four locations for internal links to collections pages and write anchor text for insertion using target keywords.

Here's what it doesn't include: updating the content we write onto your site, or making changes to collection or product pages to ensure everything looks great! This is a job for you, your content manager or your website manager - but if it's needed, you can buy this add on from our Shopify web partner, House of Cart once you've purchased this product.

*This is a digital service you're buying, and the product name is just for fun!

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