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Female Founder Affirmation Cards

Female Founder Affirmation Cards

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In an Australian-first, Foresight has released an exclusive set of affirmation cards, thoughtfully designed and full of positive statements and practical tips to help women and business owners. The card deck includes:

  • 54 beautifully designed affirmation cards
  • Inspirational quotes from Australian female founders of ecommerce and retail brands
  • Gorgeous wooden stand for your work desk
  • Simple, practical steps to scale your business

Put these affirmation cards on your work table, or your bedside table, whichever you prefer! Well being, self care and self love are the big, important parts of being able to not just run a successful business, but be successful at life while you're at it.


Front of cards - positive affirmations and positive statements

On the front of each affirmation card, we’ve curated the most inspirational quotes from female founded ecommerce and retailers in Australia and the US. We relate to each one of them, and hope you do to! Each acts as little affirmations and uplifting messages to keep your gratitude mindset and positivity levels high, help your self esteem soar (because let's be honest, being an entrepreneur can be a massive rollercoaster) and encourage you along your amazing journey to create the business of your dreams.

Back of cards - positive thinking and practical tips

On the back of each card, you’ll find simple, practical steps for how to grow your brand with marketing. These tips cover ads, email, SEO, influencers, analytics, conversion rate optimisation and Shopify apps. Each one is tailor made to focus on the things we know have the power to make your business shine.

Also, while we acknowledge not all women have periods, as an added extra for those who do, we've included a cycle guide for the time of month you might like to tackle


Affirmation Cards FAQs


Are affirmation cards helpful?

Like anything, it depends how you use them! If you use them to inspire yourself, to be gentle with yourself through failures and missteps, then they can do a whole world of good for your self esteem and sense of gratitude. If you use them to compare yourself to the success of others, this would of course be less helpful.


What kinds of words are on each affirmation cards pack?

Take a look at the video where we show you a number of examples of the kinds of curated quotes we've collated from female founders across Australia.


Would these affirmation card packs make a suitable gift?

Of course! If you have friends who are female founders, or even a marketer in the realm of either ecommerce, retail or digital, they'll probably love you for giving them such a unique gift. Who wouldn't want box of cards that have been lovingly designed to create positive life and business outcomes.


Do you carry stock of these cards for wholesalers

We're happy to discuss any wholesale requirements you might have. Feel free to reach out to the team by setting up a meeting on our contact form, or via instagram.


What should I do with positive affirmations each day?

An affirmation is a statement or sign that something is true, or the act of saying or showing that something is true. Affirmations can also be statements that you repeat to yourself to boost your confidence or motivation.

Each quote on these affirmation cards are designed to be positive affirmations that you can display on your desk, choose to reflect on, or even repeat out loud as a way to focus your energy and create positive outcomes for both your business and life. They're the sunshine after the rain (or before it, to give you the strength to get through).


Where should I put my card deck?

Personally, we love putting ours on the work desk. It's the perfect spot to make sure they're visible when we most need them, after a particularly exasperating meeting or a less than stellar email has been received!


Will these affirmation cards give me confidence and happiness?

As with everything in life, and especially in business, there are no guarantees. These affirmation cards have been designed to help you leverage your own capacity for joy, inspiration, answers and happiness.

No one can give you these things, cards least of all! But what these cards can do, is act as a reminder in a box, a support system that you can begin to focus on as a daily morning exercise, and repeat the message to the universe until you feel as inspired as you need to be.


What kinds of information do you have on the back of each card?

Every card is different in this respect. There are some that focus on SEO, others on email, some on paid adds, organic social and even Shopify apps and conversion rate optimisation. Generally speaking, most female founders we know use Shopify which is why we wanted to make this affirmation card deck as suitable to them as we could.

The practical card side isn't designed to be a detailed view of what you need to do to carry out the tips. So if you need more help in this area, we'd recommend you check out our Marketing Academy subscription, made especially for businesses who are doing less than $20,000 in sales per month.

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